Branding and Marketing with a Photo Booth

Gain maximum exposure for your brand when you connect your offline event to your online presence.

Most people do not think of a Photo Booth when having to brainstorm and come up with new, unique, and intriguing ways to market their brand. They simply think of getting more pens, coffee mugs, sunglasses, and those rubber bracelets to pass out at events in hopes that people will glance at their product sometime in the future and think to themselves, "I need this right now!". Unfortunately, it is not that way, I know that thought has never crossed my mind, not to mention that I haven't known anything about certain brands I have supposedly represented before.

Welcome to the new age digital era of Photo Booths and their wonderful technology. We have moved way beyond the box in today's world of what you can accomplish with a photo booth. They are no longer remembered as those uncomfortable small and hard type box machines that you would find in a mall or at the movies, but rather the latest trend to have at your event. Over the past 10 years the popularity of the new and improved photo booths have skyrocketed. They started out primarily at weddings and quinceaneras, then grew from there to encompass holiday parties, birthdays, reunions, and Corporate Events. They still are growing in popularity and now people are starting to think outside the box by having them at Grand openings, Concerts, Festivals, Sporting Events, etc. But yes, having a photo booth at your event now is a sure fire way to engage your guests, create memories, and have some fun while doing it. But wait there's more.........

What if you took the fun and excitement of being in the photo booth with friends, and combined it with the digital marketing of your brand? I would say that you have a pretty solid foundation for being remembered for a long time to come, and let me explain why. How many people do you know that get a free coffee mug at an event, take a pic of it to share to their facebook? How many try to put a filter onto that same coffee mug then share to Instagram or Snapchat? How many friends do you think they show this coffee mug to? Do they carry it around in their purse? Do they put it proudly on display in their Kitchen and make a point to show all their guests this coffee mug? It would have to be one seriously amazing coffee mug to get a fraction of that attention I just described for a promo product. However, all those scenarios are true of a single photo booth picture! Think about it. We live in a selfish world, and by that, I mean exactly what i said. Everyone today thinks about themselves, just ask anyone in a picture, who's the first person they look for? Trust me that amount of shares and exposure of a pic increase tenfold when someone thinks they look really good in it.

So far we've discovered that people actually enjoy their photo booth pictures, are proud of them, makes them laugh, and makes them remember the fun they had while taking the picture, which in turn creates a "fond" memory of your event. Already your one up simply by hiring a photo booth for your event. So what are you doing with these pictures? These potential gold mines of unlimited free marketing? That's right, you put your brand all over that puppy in any way you can. The Photo Booth Template is a unlimited source of endless advertisement opportunities. The standard size they come in is 2x6 and 4x6. Realistically, you want the bigger area to brand on so go with the 4x6 whenever possible. This ensures that you can have your logo at least, and maybe even your address, phone number and website as well. If you hire a professional graphic designer, they can custom design a branded template for you to use to really wow your guests. Of course there will still be plenty of room on the template for your guests photos to go, and you can select anywhere from 1-4 photo holders while still being able to get your brand noticed.

So we've covered the Photo Booth Template, but that is only one small piece of the puzzle, thanks to the ever inventing photo booth software companies out there that are always looking to one up each other and bring something new and unique to the table. We now have the Social Sharing Station!!!! This little gem enables your guests the instant gratification they want by being able to immediately upload their photo booth pictures ( in your awesome branded template) to their facebook, twitter, and instagram page. In addition, they also have the option to email or text their picture as well, opening the door for more organic sharing and branding. Lets think about this for one minute. Say Sandy is in the Photo Booth with her 2 close friends, Shondra and Sassy. They take 4 pics in one session and each get a printed out copy of their picture. At the Sharing Station, they each share this picture to their facebook pages, twitter pages, and instagram pages, as well as text messaging or email it to themselves. Sandy carries the print in her purse so they she can show all her friends that she comes across, while Shonda places hers on the fridge to serve as a reminder of that fun picture at that fun event. Sassy gives her print to her boyfriend because she has the digital print in email. Stacy emails her pic to some out of state family members who aren't using social media so they can enjoy the pic as well. Meanwhile, Shonda forwards the text message picture to her friends so they can see it and have a good laugh as well. All of the girls receive at least 20 likes on all social media platforms, and 2 shares. So as you can see, the possible exposure and impressions from just one picture, can easily result in reaching over a thousand impressions in one event. In addition to that, the Social Sharing Station can simultaneously upload all event pictures to any specified facebook page, online hosting site, or a specific microsite that is designed for branding and easier sharing of event pics, gifs, and videos across all social media platforms.

But wait......there's more!! Hold up, you didn't think that was all, did you? Certain Photo Booth Software can now also apply filters, enable drawing or text on pictures before sharing. And if that wasn't enough, they can do all these things with video's as well. Gifs, boomerang gifs, and animated gifs are a few seconds of frames combined to make it look like a fast slideshow or video. Slo Motion Video, or slo mo, is another form of capturing a short video of people doing things that look really cool when slowed down or sped up. When using any of these forms for marketing, instead of a template, an overlay is used which is a layer that sits over the video or slideshow. You can design these overlays to look any way you want from covering the majority of the video to just being your small logo in a corner. Many Photo Booth companies have become extremely talented and creative when designing their gifs, especially for branding purposes and corporate clients. An animated gif uses green screen technology to superimpose any background or video behind your guests and therefore, creating almost any reality they want. Combine that with a super creative overlay and you've got an amazing gif, or more importantly, an amazing opportunity to get your brand exposure. Other ways of branding is through face morphing, where your face can morph into any other person - family, friends, enemy, or celebrity. Light Painting is another way to engage your guests through drawing designs in the air above them that can be captured on a photo. There's even a 360 degree Virtual Reality Booth that puts you and your friends in an entire 360 degree picture.

I'm sure there are more software options that I have not mentioned here, but I'm sticking to the most popular options on the market today. In addition to branding through the Branded Template Prints, Digital Prints with Social Sharing, and the Specialty Photo Booth Software, there is also the Customization factor that you have to consider as well, or as I like to call, the X factor. And possibly the most important factor to this entire article. Your ability to customize and pay attention to detail is just as important, if not more than, being able to create a branded product. The client is coming to you to provide them with an experience, not just a product. They want to know all the possibilities of how you can get them and their brand the exposure and recognition it deserves. So many times you have to think outside the box and find ways to go above and beyond your clients expectations to really provide that "wow" factor. Look for ways to customize the details, Vinyl Wrap the booth, design matching branded photo frames, create a personal slideshow or video for your client after the fact as a thank you. There is always an opportunity to do something that will not only make your client feel important, but will set you apart from the competition and turn a client into a loyal customer for life.

To see examples of branding that I provide, please visit our Infinite page


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