Branding and Marketing with a Photo Booth

May 20, 2017

Gain maximum exposure for your brand when you connect your offline event to your online presence.


Most people do not think of a Photo Booth when having to brainstorm and come up with new, unique, and intriguing ways to market their brand.  They simply think of getting more pens, coffee mugs, sunglasses, and those rubber bracelets to pass out at events in hopes that people will glance at their product sometime in the future and think to themselves, "I need this right now!".    Unfortunately, it is not that way, I know that thought has never crossed my mind, not to mention that I haven't known anything about certain brands I have supposedly represented before.


Welcome to the new age digital era of Photo Booths and their wonderful technology.  We have moved way beyond the box in today's world of what you can accomplish with a photo booth.  They are no longer remembered as those uncomfortable small and hard type box machines that you would find in a mall or at the movies, but rather the latest trend to have at your event.  Over the past 10 years the popularity of the new and improved photo booths have skyrocketed.  They started out primarily at  weddings and quinceaneras,  then grew from there to encompass holiday parties, birthdays, reunions, and Corporate Events.  They still are growing in popularity and now people are starting to think outside the box by having them at Grand openings, Concerts, Festivals, Sporting Events, etc.   But yes, having a photo booth at your event now is a sure fire way to engage your guests, create memories, and have some fun while doing it.  But wait there's more.........


What if you took the fun and excitement of being in the photo booth with friends, and combined it with the digital marketing of your brand?  I would say that you have a pretty solid foundation for being remembered for a long time to come, and let me explain why.   How many people do you know that get a free coffee mug at an event, take a pic of it to share to their facebook?  How many try to put a filter onto that same coffee mug then share to Instagram or Snapchat?  How many friends do you think they show this coffee mug to?  Do they carry it around in their purse?  Do they put it proudly on display in their Kitchen and make a point to show all their guests this coffee mug?   It would have to be one seriously amazing coffee mug to get a fraction of that attention I just described for a promo product.   However, all those scenarios are true of a single photo booth picture!  Think about it.  We live in a selfish world, and by that, I mean exactly what i said.  Everyone today thinks about themselves, just ask anyone in a picture, who's the first person they look for?  Trust me that amount of shares and exposure of a pic increase tenfold when som