Wedding Photo Booths - The gift that keeps on giving

What is all the hype about when it comes to hiring a photo booth for your wedding? Typically, when making the to do list for a wedding, the photo booth is at the bottom and usually never makes the cut. Unfortunately, if lucky enough to be included, the quality and services provided are greatly determined by how much money is available after everything else.

Photo Booths are fun and entertaining, but they are much more than just that. Here are just a few reasons to rethink putting off your photo booth to the bottom of your list when planning your wedding.

1. Entertainment for all Ages

We all have planned a party where we've thought about what to get to entertain the kids and then something different for the adults. With a photo booth, you don't have that problem. It's a one stop shop of entertainment for all ages. It never gets old or ceases to lose its popularity as the night goes on.

2. Ice Breaker

Naturally when you go to a wedding there will be people you do not know. However, thanks to the Photo Booth (and maybe just a little bit of wine) you too can jump in someone else's picture at the end of the night and become best friends through the awesome photo you shared. Or just become that annoying guest that wouldn't stay out of anyone's pictures. But the good news is that now they all know who you are.

3. Props

The photo booth brings out the kid in all of us. I remember when I had my awkward transition from a kid to a teen. I use to love to play with my toys but became embarrassed to. The photo booth is a judgement free zone. You do not have to pretend you don't want to play with our props, because we know you do. We bring only the best props to our events because they increase participation, creativity, and laughs by tenfold. You don't have to resist your inner child anymore.

4. Customization

That use to just mean changing the words and color on the same generic template you used for every photo booth event you did. Not anymore. We take customization to an entire new level. Now you can have everything customized including the template to match your theme, design, colors, and/or invitation. We can customize everything from photo templates to video and gif overlays, props and backdrops, scrapbooks, photo holders, collages, slideshows, online galleries, even our booth itself can be vinyl wrapped to look and say how you want it to. And that's just the beginning

5. Scrapbook Service

This is huge at weddings today because it gives the newlyweds a way to reflect on their special day from the eyes of their guests. One copy of every picture taken in the photo booth throughout the entire night goes into the scrapbook with a space for the guest to write a personal message to them. At the end of the night, the book is given to the bride and groom as a keepsake.

6. Long Lasting Memories

Let's break this down, photo booths take pictures and pictures aid in remembering something memorable in our lives. The photo booth isn't just for fun and entertainment, it's to capture the people in our lives who are there with us when we celebrate, but also there with us through hard times. We want you to always have these memories so we have made it easy to always have access to your pictures. In addition to printing immediately, we have digital copies that can be stored on an online gallery, usb drives, or instantly on social media through our Social Sharing Station. All of these options ensure that you will always have access to your memories of your most special day.

These are just a few of the benefits to having a photo booth at your wedding. If you have a wedding coming up and are interested in finding out more info, please click here to receive a free customized quote for your event.

Pucker Up Party Photo Booths

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